Book Release & Special Offer

Writers and artists need to support each other, yes? Yes!! Good luck to you!

The Scrolls of Sion

To celebrate my birthday and my Novel’s launch and to protest what Quebec politicians say I can’t do, I will be offering “The Scrolls of Sion: Rise of the Dark Queen” for 40% off the cover price for the first week. That’s right instead of the $4.99 list price; you can get “Scrolls” for $2.99 with the use of the code provided in the brackets. (MU39L) Offer valid May 25th 2014- June 1st 2014.

Feel free to share this post. Get the word out. There’s a deal to be had.
Cover by Selena Moonshadow
scrolls fFINAL 3

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  1. Happy birthday, Tim. And nice cover, too 🙂

  2. Philip Shiell says:


    I left you a reply on “Click Your Heels”. Did you see it?


  3. Hey, Phil. I did see it.. a reply to you requires thought in order to do the task justice. Hang in there, I’ll respond soon. 🙂

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