Paranoid? Who Is Reading You?

Toritto tells it like it is.


File:National Security Agency headquarters, Fort Meade, Maryland.jpg

NSA Headquarters – Fort Meade, Maryland

Have you ever wondered who is reading you? Maybe you’re paranoid and think you are being “monitored?”. I mean, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that someone isn’t “monitoring” what you write.  Right?

I once posted extensively somewhere else and started wondering who was reading me besides those who gave me “likes”.  It all began several years ago when I put up a post about Brutus, Caesar, the Ides and moral dilemma. That post garnered some 2,000 hits. Who was so interested in a post about tyrannicide? I never did find out. Eventually I rationalized that, since it was March,  students were being required to write about the Ides and found the post useful.

After the Chelsea Manning and Ed Snowden affairs and the revelation that our government was monitoring our phone calls, photographing our mail and recording our internet activities I got interested…

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  1. toritto says:

    Many thanks for the re-blog! Are you paranoid yet? 🙂 Regards.

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