Signs of life and musical adventures begin again

Phil Shiell is back with some new music. Tasty stuff!

Phil Shiell

After a long hiatus, I have decided to try and post some regular music or writing content to see if I can revive my interest in the world of blogging.

I suppose before we set up our own company I was possessed with a wealth of creative energy to put something out into the world and show people what I could and can do in terms of creativity. Sadly, I had to suspend these dreams due to an ever growing number of responsibilities, i.e. co-running our company.

However, I feel the need to get back into the saddle and try to rediscover that potential for creative energy, whether it be short stories or sound snippets.

Over the weekend I set myself the task of creating background music for some Facebook posts. Everything started well. However, what started life as a short piano piece turned out to be the foundation for…

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