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Somebody’s Child

The lies don’t matter. Don’t let them blind you to the truth. The sweat streamed down the back of his neck, made silver by the indirect light through the window, and tears were jettisoned off the tip of his nose. … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is a new day

Support each other. Love each other. Change “the system” which manages to leave humanity out of the equation. Ditch the stigma. Seek to understand. Give every human being a fighting chance to heal and love and live life to the … Continue reading

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Two Nickels

The dreaming of the rain is bright, far lighter than the prickly slumber of wood. I could never know his dreams; I only sometimes knew his mind. Thunderheads blotting out the stars of a Summer’s night, ice crystals telegraphing rainbows around … Continue reading

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Endless Waves

Originally posted on Bell Book Candle:
At a time when food prices are rising rapidly, my local government here in Saint George, Utah has decided to increase the price of water by 10%. Why 10%? It’s nice round number and…

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Last? Next?

I watched her labored breathing, the skin yellow not pink. She’d never been yellow, never been yellow a single day till then. I knew that she had frequently closed her eyes so many times before. Refusal with a punctuation mark. … Continue reading

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The Vista of Rebirth

What happened to you, to me, to that dream we swam in until our arms could move no more? The drunkard of the village was your uncle and your mother had the temper of a sailor away at sea. I … Continue reading

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Cellophane is tougher than me. Spider’s silk, too. My mouth may spew and my tendons may tense but you could poke a hole right through my shell and shatter my heart. Don’t do it. Have mercy, won’t you? I’ve the … Continue reading

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Abortion Barbie

Originally posted on toritto:
Wendy Davis is running for Governor of Texas.  A little less than a year ago she was a Representative in the Texas Senate.  She made headlines when she filibustered for almost 12 hours on the floor…

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Death and the Road to Awe

Oppenheimer’s brilliant light cast a shadow so great upon the mesa that the yawning maw of humanity stood stock still in shock, in awe, in an evolutionary grimace for days to come. Trinity, he called it. Vishnu, he said, with … Continue reading

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