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Signs of life and musical adventures begin again

Phil Shiell is back with some new music. Tasty stuff! Advertisements

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Philip Shiell with Bantaba X on Desert Suite, Teile 2+3. Awesome.

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Harvest Me

Fingers and toes begin like kernels of corn and pods of peas, making the grown ones giggle and coo. I never knew any of you when the world introduced you and you were so new. God kept count of each … Continue reading

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My Horizon

We go our ways, don’t we? Cut the chord, turn out the light, change direction, lock the door. Sometimes the heart skips a beat and before you know it your feet are clinging to a tightrope and your hands are … Continue reading

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What the world needs now: Trans-parency

I’m one of the lucky ones; I believe that to be true. When I was a kid, growing up in a conservative, religious household, I struggled with my sexuality. It wasn’t easy, realizing that I felt differently than what I … Continue reading

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The Camel and the Marlboro Man

When my friends and I started smoking – in our teens in the 70’s – cigarette smoke was everywhere. Elevators, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, workplaces, you name it. My mother smoked through 4 pregnancies. I remember Sunday drives with both … Continue reading

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Largest City In Vermont Now Gets All Its Power From Wind, Water And Biomass – by Ari Phillips

Originally posted on Desert Dogmeh:
Go read the article. And then call your biggest wingnut friend/family member and see what kind of BS conservative “Can’t be done!!” spin they throw at you. Always good for a laugh to watch them…

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What Will Never Be Known

She shuffles flat footed on her clunky feet, trousers dragging at the back a leash in one hand attached to one round white poodle. Tail wagging following every step she takes, every step an adventure. One hand pushes the shopping … Continue reading

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Half The Woman

I don’t remember if I said goodbye to you at all. I was away, so far and living the dream, a sordid tale, the novella you would abhor. You, who had the sweetest heart in later years, your thick glasses … Continue reading

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Ted Talk: Andrew Solomon: Love, no matter what

Please take the time to watch this. It is inspirational.

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