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Designer Jeans

They were like two strutting roosters amidst the comfy chairs and the high traffic carpeting. He was meant to entertain them, charm them and secure their money. Something went wrong. (Testosterone) “What are you looking at?” he asked with a … Continue reading

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Mainstream Kid- Brandi Carlile

via Mainstream Kid- Brandi Carlile

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The Donald says Thanks!

Every tyrant needs 3 particular things in order to attain and maintain power: 1) An adoring,unquestioning audience 2) A scapegoat 3) A cadre of thugs willing to do the dirty work It also helps if there’s a propaganda machine in … Continue reading

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Popping In, Disappearing

People pop into existence with all the freshness of growing grass, and the vibrancy of the wind. A lifetime, however long or short, is an avenue to the gods only know where. That last breath, that last look… I’d like … Continue reading

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Signs of life and musical adventures begin again

Phil Shiell is back with some new music. Tasty stuff!

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Philip Shiell with Bantaba X on Desert Suite, Teile 2+3. Awesome.

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The Sun hides and crystals that have piled up remain. Hidden or not, the mere presence of his shy face sends the squirrels hurling down tree trunks and skittering across the crusty surface of the snow. I have the window … Continue reading

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He’s got a green guitar, Emerald Isle green, and his hair is snow white now, but his voice still rings like a Tibetan bell. I don’t care that the decades have given him more wisdom than he had when he … Continue reading

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the long adventure

Stones are rounded by the caress of water, three hundred thousand years without me. I am so small. I am so big. I am just a speck on the page of this long adventure. To breathe in the dust of … Continue reading

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Environmental Justice

I want to explain what “environmental justice” means to me. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the United States) defines it thusly: “Environmental Justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, … Continue reading

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