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What if every day is Judgement Day? What if the End Time is Every Time? DinosaurTheBlackPlagueHolocaustAIDSEpidemicRwandaUgandaBosniaNigeriaTsunamiHurricane What if Jews were not The Chosen Ones for serial genocide Women were not the punching bag for the world There was no Heaven … Continue reading

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I’ve known him 15 years

it was decades ago, a party at my brother’s house. food booze, conversation and a friendly face. she was enthusiastic like a well fed puppy and I was glad for someone to talk to. somehow it came up.  “I live … Continue reading

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when will this lure of civilization pass, that we might forsake asphalt and shatterproof glass? value the trees moss ferns and wild flowers that beckon to you: abandon your towers.

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Mastering Deceit

…we are citizens in mild oblivion. Our collective intelligence stands assaulted and tampered with. We are mere shadows now of what free minds used to be, processed organisms transfixed by the filtering of selective lies and truths… We bring the … Continue reading

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