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Your Basket

Who sleeps in your basket, you do-gooder, you holy-roller, you collector of praise and recompense? Who gains your heart, who is awarded your most gentle caress? I have painted the ones you’ve forgotten or ignored. I have used the color … Continue reading

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Paranoid? Who Is Reading You?

Originally posted on toritto:
NSA Headquarters – Fort Meade, Maryland Have you ever wondered who is reading you? Maybe you’re paranoid and think you are being “monitored?”. I mean, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean that someone isn’t “monitoring” what…

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Summer music

From the prolific mind of the esteemed Phil Shiell. (Keep playing!)

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Book Release & Special Offer

Originally posted on The Scrolls of Sion:
To celebrate my birthday and my Novel’s launch and to protest what Quebec politicians say I can’t do, I will be offering “The Scrolls of Sion: Rise of the Dark Queen” for 40%…

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Blue Upon Blue

The world may be your oyster, I am swallowed by it until every sigh or sullen wish becomes a nebulous sign in a foreign sky. It is in that world, blue upon blue, that light dazzles only briefly, spent as … Continue reading

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Click Your Heels

Superman dressed all in red, from your tights to the sweat  on your Neanderthal brow. No thank you, I do not want your emblem your shield sword key or lock. Take to the sky all on your own and my … Continue reading

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dandelion brine

Her confession turns your face to ash and starches up your collar too tight it is around your small throat as she begins to holler. It’s woody white roots tonight for you and maybe even tomorrow it’s dandelion brine and … Continue reading

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Classic Footage of Famous Writers – Mark Twain and Leo Tolstoy

Originally posted on Interesting Literature:
Did you know Mark Twain and Count Leo Tolstoy were captured on film? Although they’re associated with the nineteenth century, both writers lived until 1910 and would be filmed in their final years when the…

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the cries of halfwits

The tears get pulled like rubber bands, warm in the sunshine and ready for a plucky mind and a darting hand. Why is life so filled with the strings of Love, the pangs of Love, the marble statues erected in … Continue reading

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Scarecrow and the Weather Vane

The day light bleaches the ocher of stones to ghost faces, white and mineral rich like bones, like chalk or dust, like ancient pounded salt. The stalks grow weak and lean ever closer to their roots, soon to be joined … Continue reading

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