Popping In, Disappearing

People pop into existence with all the freshness of growing grass, and the vibrancy of the wind. A lifetime, however long or short, is an avenue to the gods only know where. That last breath, that last look… I’d like to think it is like seeing, all anew, the last dip of the sun below the horizon, inviting the stars to shine more brightly. I’d like to hold on to all of my loved ones for as long as I can. To the one who has just passed: I hope that I brought you something of value during our time together. To the ones still here: Hold on tight. Let’s not waste a single minute. Love is all that matters.


About theminstrelscitadel

In search of courageous souls who aren't afraid to dig a little deeper and have a conversation about all manner of things. Rant, rave, debate, discuss... let's do it!
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