What if every day is Judgement Day?

What if

every day

is Judgement Day?

What if the End Time is Every Time?


What if

Jews were not The Chosen Ones for serial genocide

Women were not the punching bag for the world

There was no Heaven for your reward

There was no Hell for your punishment

What if you

really do

have to come back again?

© Tina Zabielski 2011-2019


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6 Responses to What if every day is Judgement Day?

  1. h2dog says:

    This is very, very good.
    And, you must have enjoyed what happened in the Texas (good ol’ boy club) legislature earlier this week. I am in awe of Wendy Davis.
    Not to mention one or two other things that happened nationally this week.
    Nice job. I’m no critic. So, all I can say is that I like your thoughts,… your work.

    • Wendy Davis is my new hero. I wish I had her stamina! Bravo to her!! I’m guessing this won’t be the last we’ll hear from her.
      Thanks for the kind words regarding the poem. It’s nice to be writing again. Who knew that WordPress would be the catalyst?

      • h2dog says:

        I like it, Minstrel. And I’m more than happy to say it.
        You will keep it going, I hope. Everybody’s loss if you don’t.
        Wendy Davis had an amazing moment. Ended up, I hear, with over 200k following her at the end of her filibuster.
        Which means that that many people and more saw her get hosed by the establishment republicans. That alone made it worth doing.
        Anytime someone can showcase the republican penchant for dirty tricks and low-down political gimmicks, …. it’s a win for the good guys.
        I just hope she’ll be able to withstand the torrent of abuse she has coming her way. The good ole boys have to try to cut her knees out from under her now. They have no choice.
        Hope she’s as strong as she looked during all that.

    • Hey, where ya been, h2?? It probably sounds strange coming from a relative stranger but I miss hearing from my friend in the desert! Hope you’re doing well!

      • h2dog says:

        Just been a little busy Minstrel,… nothing other than that.
        Sometimes I get a little burnt out on the crazy, and have to get it away from me for a minute or two.
        BTW, some friends just saw the Doobie Brothers and Steve Miller at Red Rocks. It was their first time there, and of course they’re in love with the place.

  2. Brandi Carlile was just at The Rocks, too. Absolutely fantastic venue, you just have to be prepared for every kind of weather!

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