The Man’s Got Soul (and nuclear weapons)

The Man’s Got Soul, and Nuclear Weapons

It was at that moment, back in June of 2001 when I knew the world had changed for good. Odd, I thought, that a “Conservative” like George W. Bush (By the way George, it’s pronounced sort of like it’s spelled: Nuke-lee-er)  would say that he’d looked Vladimir Putin in the eyes and “got a sense of his soul.” What soul would that be, I wonder?

Is it like a Lost and Found sort of thing? For instance, maybe Putin lost his soul when he was a Lieutenant Colonel in the KGB, but found it when the word “President” was placed in front of his name instead of Comrade? Or maybe it’s more like the “lost” plutonium and weapons grade uranium that disappeared when the Soviet Union broke up in the early 1990’s. Oh wait, they haven’t found that stuff yet, so it’s only “lost” at the moment.

An interesting historical note here: Putin quit the KGB to go into politics just before the Soviet collapse. I’m guessing he knew something well in advance and decided it was time to steer the boat rather than paddle it for a change… (yes, I enjoyed that double meaning there.)

And finally, I’d like to add that McCarthyism is no longer a viable bandwagon, America. In case nobody’s noticed, we’re sharing the covers and the pillows with China so contentedly these days that ol’ Vlad’s getting jealous. And to make his point: No more Americans adopting unwanted Russian babies- not until those pesky human rights fanatics lay off for awhile.

Who are they to talk anyway? Corruption, governance by the elite, spying on citizens, muzzling the press… it’s like looking in the mirror.

Mother Russia and Father-Founded America have cut the apron strings for good and look to each other now for the future. To hell with the past! There’s money to be made!

Americans no longer need the Communists to be the bad guys- we have the Mexicans for that. And Russia doesn’t really need to hate the USA anymore; it’s just a convenient way to keep the peasants from revolting if they think Capitalism is still evil. That way the Russian Rich get richer, and the poor stay poor…


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  1. I’d like to make one thing perfectly clear: I’m not a hater. I don’t hate Conservatives; I don’t hate Russians or Americans or Mexicans or anybody. I am NOT a fan of governments of any flavor. Not sure what life would be like for us if we did not have a government, not sure I want to find out, but I still consider most politicians and most governmental structures to be completely corrupt and dangerous. I hope I have not offended anyone with my post because there are enough offensive things in the world without me adding to them. Peace.

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