Why would the gods do this- bring us here, show us beauty, and put a time limit on it?

They never tell us that we will be back again. They never tell us that we have only one

chance to live and enjoy it all. They hurl us towards the face of the planet, knowing

that most of us will stick like vermicelli to the ceiling, having no choice for awhile. For awhile

we have no choice. I’ve known people who have chosen. They are the Heartbreakers. They

have more courage than I. They greet the noose or the pistol or the razor blade, the railroad

crossing or the Semi heading towards them in the opposite lane.. They leave us. Damn them,

they leave us, wallowing in our pain and wondering…

The rest of us are just noodles, hoping to cling as long as we can.

© Tina Zabielski 2011-2019


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