What I really love

I recently got on LinkedIn and added a Summary and an Interests section.

What I really wanted to put on there was this:

Love the sound of bells chiming, rain, dogs playing and kittens meowing.
Love the smell of flowers in the Spring, rain (again), fallen leaves & snow.
Love to look at children playing, storms blowing in & birds bobbing their heads.
Love the taste of good chocolate, a rich, deep, smooth Stout, a peppery Bourbon, fresh Yellowtail tuna and NY Cheesecake.
Love to feel my bare feet on the ground, my arm around my honey, the cool air of Autumn against my face, and snowflakes on my tongue.

Good grief, do I really have to WORK??? There’s so much sensory living to be done!!!!


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2 Responses to What I really love

  1. Oloriel says:

    If I had a LinkedIn I would probubly write something like this 🙂

    • theminstrelscitadel says:

      🙂 i’m just glad to be able to write it somewhere! feels good to be “light” and appreciative sometimes! haha

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