this road

I’d been traveling all by myself, until I met you I was on that shelf

looking for trouble and finding it, too, I was lonesome ’till I met you.

This road was a rough one, lots of  sudden dips and climbs

Heading backwards down the speedway, running out of time.

The landscape was a stark one, with buildings way too tall

and I was standing there with my back against the wall.

You took my hand and dared to look me in the eye,

the first one to really see me, and I knew for certain that I

Had found my true love, the brightest star in the sky,

I’d taken the right road after all and the love of you was why.

In a world where people don’t care who they hurt or devastate,

You possess the most tender heart and I knew I could not wait.

I’ll take the dead ends, the road blocks and the missing signs,

I know you’re next to me on this road with a love that binds.

© Tina Zabielski 2011-2019


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