Click Your Heels


Superman dressed all in red, from your tights to the sweat
on your Neanderthal brow. No thank you, I do not want your emblem
your shield sword key or lock. Take to the sky
all on your own and my feet will find the brittle footpath
and the monkeys in the trees. These vines are perfect
for swinging and raking up dust, you would only be
unwelcome here. So, please click your heels and wish
upon a neon sign, gather up the roses that scent your breath.
Leave me to conjure a tempest on the back of these skunk cabbage leaves.

© Tina Zabielski 2011-2019


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4 Responses to Click Your Heels

  1. Philip Shiell says:

    I like this…
    Ooooooooh, but there are some serious undertones (or undercurrents pulling me down)! I do mean this in a positive way.

    I’m just trying to work out the Superman role? USA in general?
    The DC icon has always been a symbol of the US’s prowess. It’s a pity he’s an alien, or have I missed something? Perhaps it is the fact that he’s represented as an alien (an outside element to our problems) that he symbolises the fact that we cannot find a solution from within?
    Or (sob) was he just spawned from a comic writer’s lonely job of dealing with life in general, just trying to sell a comic strip in the world of 1930s pulp fiction.

    I find it interesting how Superman is idolised (iconified). This has happened a lot in the past two thousand years.

    The human race has a tendency to create “Supermen” from very little facts. Is this our greatest weakness or our greatest strength?

    Our discussion:
    “Whatever “good” the Capitalist model had going for it has been completely defiled by corruption and greed. When companies lay off 1,000 workers only to find that their stocks go through the roof something is terribly wrong there. The best that Capitalism can offer SHOULD be that it affords everyone with the willingness to work hard the opportunity to start their own business and make their own living.”

    (I scream out for Superman to come and help!)

    I suppose the corruption and greed are just natural instinctive drives we as humans are controlled by: survival.
    Unfortunately, even though we read, talk and behave (as mere slaves to the system) in our particular “I have to fit in here role”, we see little of the true power plays being acted out above our heads.
    When so much money, greed, power, hate, paranoia, lack of human feeling towards workers are the integral elements steering these huge entities, what do we really expect?

    I think in a lot of cases, the managers “were” once in a position to make choice decisions (when the company was an entity he or she could physically visit, greet, see, enjoy, talk to, exchange ideas with those small people he grew up with or drank with); however, as these global monsters evolve…

    – howling into the night like some Cretaceous beast, its primitive mind totally oblivious of the coming extinction event and their only destiny: to be a fossilised relic –

    … and trudge across the “developing worlds”, they must experience a detachment from the real world, having lost the feeling towards that which once was?
    The promises are all too good for them to ignore.

    In this kind of world, these people do not think of an alternative. Alternative means danger to a working system – a system that works for them. What do you think?

    “their stocks go through the roof something is terribly wrong there”

    Yes, this is true. But I remember listening to and watching traders giving their opinions about money. They are the epitome of this detachment: they are, as in the name of a famous trading tool, ninjas scalloping the remnants of what these entities leave behind in their wake. They do not care where the money comes from – they will bleed one source and then move on to the next – which is their right to do so – don’t get me wrong. Trading is in our blood: the exchange of goods.
    However, once again we see the rise of faceless entities moving through the virtual trading arenas.
    Detachment from the world.
    The human element has gone, it’s been removed. No smiles, congenial remarks, just a cold hard fact.
    Is this the way we are?
    These “worlds” are mere strings of numbers being exchanged at lightning speed. In some cases (automated trading) the human element has been removed completely.

    In order for an alternative to work, does regulation need to be in place?

    “I can’t think of a better way to spend the government’s money than to empower individuals and communities to create their own reliable incomes!”

    Yes! A perfect world. Everyone is singing and dancing like Dorothy and Toto, following the money-paved road to their dreams. The Scarecrow gets his business up and running thanks to Munchkin Inc’s Entrepreneur Plan… I smile in a gleeful, mildly sarcastic way.

    In the voice of Yosemite Sam:
    “Wow.. slow down their horsey! We got us a problem here!! We can’t go giving all these folks all our moneeeeey! I don’t trust em!”

    Yes, Mr Yosemite, you have a point. But if we are to evolve, what system do you propose to give us?
    If the governments were to fund so-called “micro businesses”, small, fully-functioning modules that would remain separate from any large entities, but all working together in a common goal, training their employees in, perhaps, not only one specific job, but a number of key areas, giving them a better view of their position in the company, all serving a particular community, would this work?

    Obviously, keeping things small is the key to controlling all of these little entities. Bureaucracy would be a nightmare, but then again, we could regulate, not from one central area, but from one small office responsible for that community (the good old days!).

    Sound of alarm clock going off in background….

    Oh dear, I’ve got to get back to my work. Should have been in Munich today, but everything got postponed to another day.
    Now I’ve got more time to proof read a book and then hope a huge translation contract whizzes in through the window.

    I hope to have provided a bit of light hearted entertainment.

    I hope I didn’t offend using “US” icons. I grew up with them. Zappa, Bugs Bunny, peanut butter, and a whole lot more on my childhood years stuck before the “box”.

    Have you heard of the “IT Crowd”?

    Talk soon.

    • But, Phil, Superman doesn’t exist, and I was merely stringing nonsensical words together because I was bored! 😉

      • Philip Shiell says:

        “merely stringing nonsensical words together because I was bored!”

        And I’m the Easter Bunny… (hehehehe)

        Did you read the other stuff?

        Just about to go to bed… (yawn).
        (Looks at clock)
        Monday is already here… AHHHHHHHHHH

  2. LOLOL I thought that would give you a giggle. Yes, I read ALL the other stuff – a bloody novella, that! 🙂 Okay, because your response was so long and varied I will have to reply in bits and pieces… First of all, no offense regarding the U.S. icons.
    Secondly, good luck with a translation contract coming through for you. (can you tell i’m working my way up from the bottom of your post? easier that way…)
    Thirdly, Yes, the good old days! When communities were actual communities, and people (more or less) worked together. The only thing that bothers me about the thought of abolishing Big Government is the fact that I don’t trust human beings to do the right thing. That’s why we made laws, yes? So, people couldn’t just shoot each other like in the Wild, Wild West, or burn Witches all over the planet (I’d be one of the first to go, and I don’t toast as well as a marshmallow). You get the point.
    My personal opinion? Laws should protect, not prohibit creativity or productivity or freedom. And laws should protect against abuse and exploitation, fraud and larceny, violence and murder. But who decides what is “appropriate” or “harmful”? Too often the pendulum swings way to far to one side and before you know it you are squashed under a very large, black boot. Today Corporations have more protections than people do. Time to put a stop to that greedy nonsense.
    Will continue later. Feel free to write back when you’re done yawning and your Monday is over.

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