Abortion Barbie

Amen, and pass the collection plate! Benevolent quasi-Christian Conservatives, having achieved the takeover of Bad Taste, TX are now setting out once again on Slander Road. Their destination? Hypocrisy Hill, DC. And they will get there! Be the first to throw in YOUR 2 cents!!


Wendy Davis is running for Governor of Texas.  A little less than a year ago she was a Representative in the Texas Senate.  She made headlines when she filibustered for almost 12 hours on the floor of the Texas Senate against Rick Perry’s draconian anti-abortion legislation.

Wendy Davis is now running against Greg Abbott, a particularly nasty Texas Republican.  The above giant sized posters showed up in California when Wendy visited Los Angeles for a fund raiser.

The posters show a near naked barbie doll only in panties, a full term fetus in her belly, a scissors and the face of Wendy Davis.  “Hollywood Welcomes Abortion Barbie – Wendy Davis”.

The Abbott campaign denies knowing anything about the posters (but of course), however the San Antonio Express-News reported that the posters were funded and commissioned by Kathryn Stuard, a conservative political donor in Texas and a big donor to the campaign…

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