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The Plutocracy go surfing… on the backs of the poor, of course!

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At a time when food prices are rising rapidly, my local government here in Saint George, Utah has decided to increase the price of water by 10%. Why 10%? It’s nice round number and will raise the average monthly bill by $2.50. Not much you say, but the revenue increase will go into the general fund rather than pay for water related expenses. At a time of drought and possible water shortages, increasing the price will decrease usage and that is a good thing. However, increasing food prices and water bills at a faster rate than the increase of Social Security means that those on limited incomes may face the choice between shelter, medications, healthcare and food and drink.

Recently the City of Detroit has moved to cut off the water of poor Detroit residents who can’t afford their water bills. There is a move in the US to copy…

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