Tomorrow is a new day

Support each other. Love each other. Change “the system” which manages to leave humanity out of the equation. Ditch the stigma. Seek to understand. Give every human being a fighting chance to heal and love and live life to the fullest.


One of the biggest things I love most about Joe is that he works so hard every day to better himself from his past. He wants nothing more than to show everyone as well as himself that he can find some kind of success either through his artwork, cartoons or writing. Each day he strives to better his life and his work, each day is a day closer he is to becoming a free man, each day he fights to not let that place destroy him.

When I met Joe he was the most positive person I had ever met. I mean here is the guy surrounded by so much negativity and constant chaos and yet he stays so positive and has such great determination. I mean he could have been like the majority of other prisoners and just waste his days away doing nothing waiting for his time to…

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