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Environmental Justice

I want to explain what “environmental justice” means to me. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the United States) defines it thusly: “Environmental Justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, … Continue reading

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Default: Judgement Rendered

Gay Marriage. So, the US Supreme Court denies a couple of appeals and makes a few million dreams come true. Thank you.

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Pride and Governments

I’ve done a lot of thinking over the years about systems of government and I’ve come to one conclusion: they ALL fail to one extent or another. Why do they fail? There’s a myriad of reasons; surely, some are specific … Continue reading

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Ha ha, you braggadocio, you blatherskite and swaggerer, with your brains balanced on the head of a pin and your paltry butt cheeks puckered tight behind the bunched fabric of your pantaloons. I see you! Ensconced in your rhetoric, your … Continue reading

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Your Basket

Who sleeps in your basket, you do-gooder, you holy-roller, you collector of praise and recompense? Who gains your heart, who is awarded your most gentle caress? I have painted the ones you’ve forgotten or ignored. I have used the color … Continue reading

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protestations by the worker bee

who was the sadist that drew this box around us? told to us the color to dream, prize to covet, rung on the ladder to envy? what petty tyrant taught the bells to ring at 6, at 7, at 9? … Continue reading

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