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The Mystery of Daylight

The moon whispers of her nuance, her hidden places and her sovereignty over night, as the night hawk flies I hear the cries and wonder at the solitude of her flight. Morning comes with the sweet mutterings of sparrows and … Continue reading

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The lion kills for life, and life is rarely grateful. We will hold fast our fingers clasped tight like kites were flying, like the cracks in boulders held our weight. Do you see heart there in the thin shadows? Do … Continue reading

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others might see

In the glaring light of day we parcel out upon the world our blame and condemnations, our envy and frustrations, our Herculean efforts to be strong. In the deepest shadows of night we offer to God our hopes and fears, … Continue reading

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One With

Once I have teeter-tottered to my grave on the same wobbly feet that have carried me through life, please don’t memorialize me with fluff, dull as a spoon, useless as a dream never recalled. For that matter don’t slather it … Continue reading

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I Walk, I Kill

The Earth teems with Life. Sidewalks are the plains and I the tornado. I don’t mean to, I would never intend to but everywhere I place my foot  I snuff out something. After the earth worms take their revenge for … Continue reading

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Shiva dances in the palm opposite the hand that holds the anger. I join them, all the other clowns, on our high wire of formidable pain. © Tina Zabielski 2011-2019

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roots and chances

who will teach impossibility to the roots of a tree gently lifting the concrete over sweet, sweet time? © Tina Zabielski 2011-2019

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I’ve known him 15 years

it was decades ago, a party at my brother’s house. food booze, conversation and a friendly face. she was enthusiastic like a well fed puppy and I was glad for someone to talk to. somehow it came up.  “I live … Continue reading

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when will this lure of civilization pass, that we might forsake asphalt and shatterproof glass? value the trees moss ferns and wild flowers that beckon to you: abandon your towers.

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