protestations by the worker bee

who was the sadist that drew

this box

around us? told to us the color

to dream, prize to covet, rung

on the ladder to envy? what petty tyrant taught

the bells

to ring at 6, at 7, at 9? what beast set

the rhythm of our marching, ordained

the date that we could finally close

our eyes and sigh? Master bastard

of the Industrial age, stocks bonds and capital

gains, hymnals to your multifaceted god: Plutocracy.

© Tina Zabielski 2011-2019


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8 Responses to protestations by the worker bee

  1. Philip Shiell says:

    I’d often thought of not returning to the hive.
    So what held me back?
    Would they miss me?
    Miss me as they danced their merry circles, telling their little stories, in their little worlds, in their little minds.
    Would they…?
    Dare I leave them, take another path?
    But now…, in the failing sun, did I have my chance?
    Was it beckoning me away?
    Away to another world, another ideal…
    But, too soon, my fear arose, like that Scottish dagger, and I felt the hand of the habitual touch my shoulder and the reins of the ordinary drew me back into place.

    Another day… another day… another day…

    • “felt the hand of the habitual touch my shoulder and the reins of the ordinary drew me back into place.” Well done, I like that. Sounds so much better than that old saying “Better the devil you know…” I would encourage you to take the plunge anyway!! Thanks for replying.

  2. Chagall says:

    Same master bastard who thought we had to go around in 5 and 2 day cycles? 🙂 —–Chagall

  3. h2dog says:

    You put words together pretty well, Minstrel.

    • You have my thanks. I credit my father, who used to give me a nickel for every word I spelled right in our informal spelling bee. (I think it only lasted for three words, on only one occasion, but it had a great impact on me, apparently.) The wooden ruler in the hands of the nun in 4th grade had quite an impact, too….

    • I was looking at my stats (because I’m a noob and it still matters to me whether people are reading what I write) and I noticed that people definitely gravitate more towards creative writing than the political stuff. I’ve got 3 things I’m passionate about other than my wife and my cats: music, politics and creative expression. (I could add food to that list but that would make it 4 things and there’s a limit to the average human attention span.) I simply cannot give up any one of them. What about you?

  4. h2dog says:

    Well,…. as far as the ruler thing goes, sometimes getting there isn’t so easy.
    But you got there.
    And, nice touch by your father.

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