A short tale of two Francises

The dudes who chose the new Pope did a good job for a change. I like this new guy, Jorge Mario Bergoglio aka Pope Francis.
First of all, I like how he chose his Papal name in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi, a man born into wealth who turned away from privilege to live in poverty. A man who also cherished and celebrated the divinity of all creatures. 
And secondly, I like this new Pope because he walks among the people and doesn’t separate himself from them, hiding behind walls of glass and granite pillars and marble floors. Imagine a Pope who chose to stay in a 2-room suite at a Vatican hotel instead of moving immediately into the top floor apartment of the palace?
A palace for a pope.
Sex & drug scandals and corruption aside, the wealth possessed by the Vatican surely would be enough to feed millions of people for a day. Perhaps Francis will use his considerable good sense and concern for all humanity to make some changes in the financial structure of the Church, as well.

I don’t typically pray, having lost my faith in religion decades ago and finding myself questioning the existence of God, but I might be tempted to utter a prayer for this new “Pope for the People”. We certainly need world leaders who are adept at building bridges rather than blowing them up.


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