Plutocracy, get familiar with it. It is not your friend.

Everyone in the world needs to become very familiar with the word “plutocracy”  because that is exactly where every developed country today is headed. And sooner than we think. The biggest obstacle to that trajectory would be for the people to stand in the way. That’s all, just stand. No weapons, no coups, no violence, just stand up. Stand for something. Be aware. Take notice. Make noise.

The brilliance of the “proponents of Democracy” is the fact that they are not really interested in Democracy at all, they are interested in Capitalism and Democracy is a vehicle for Capitalism. That’s all; a vehicle for the hording of wealth. It has nothing to do with anything you might find in the Ten Commandments, for instance. The reverse is true, actually. Allow me to illustrate my point by asking a question: So, how did the “proponents of Democracy” accomplish their aims so efficiently? I believe the answer is simple: they created the “American Dream” of CONSUMERISM. A Democracy doesn’t need to turn weapons on their own citizenry. If you want the people to meekly follow you merely dangle the carrot of consumerism in front of their noses. “You, too, can have this! Look how beautiful/attractive/content/envied you will become!”

Once upon a time it was black and white TV’s as babysitters, frozen dinners for busy mothers, an electric shaver for Dad, a new G.I. Joe for Jimmy and a blonde Barbie for Betty. (Ain’t the Industrial World wonderful?!) Well, that world really hasn’t changed that much since machines replaced people. It’s just that the toys have gotten smarter and more dazzling than before. IpodispadsxboxesHDTVsmartphonessmarthousesshopathomepayonlinebarcodesgmos… The list is seemingly endless, and all of it lulls the masses into complacency. And while they’re reaching for the next best thing to glitter on the market nobody realizes that the wealthy and powerful are robbing the masses of their future. The masses get to work until they are nearly ready to drop dead, and then live out their waning years in poverty because there are no more company supplied pensions; there are no more governmental safety nets like guaranteed Social Security; the stock market crashes decimated what little they had saved for those gray, rainy days.

Believe it: the masses (yo, that’s you and me, bro!) are getting the shaft while the ultra rich and powerful retire at 43 and have vacation homes scattered around the planet. And those 401K’s and Roth IRA’s? More carrots. I have yet to find anyone amongst my peers who feels comfortable with the amount they have saved for retirement; that is, IF they have anything saved at all. For most, it is a mere pittance. Maybe by the time I retire that pittance will pay for a small bunch of sour grapes once in awhile.

We can change it. We can stop it. Educate yourselves, no matter where you live. Forget your petty differences, people, and come together. You really do have the power. Because without your consent, and without your sweat and tears, the ultra rich will not be ultra rich for long. And without all that money they have no power and no influence upon your lives. How long will you let them dictate the terms of your life to you?


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