others might see

In the glaring light of day we parcel out upon the world

our blame and condemnations, our envy and frustrations,

our Herculean efforts to be strong. In the deepest shadows

of night we offer to God our hopes and fears, our weakness

and tears, our overwhelming yearning to belong.

Perhaps we should let our tears fall in the bare and burdened

sunlight so that others might see and understand. Look our demons

in the eye, show them how our angels cry and place

our naked longing into someone’s open hand.

© Tina Zabielski 2011-2019


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2 Responses to others might see

  1. sojourn30 says:

    I relate well to this – one face for everyone else, one face for self.
    Lovely. Thank you.

  2. theminstrelscitadel says:

    I see you understand, and am grateful for your appreciation. My thanks to you.

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