The Sycophant and The Proselytizer

This jar holds no question marks, no queries and no retorts,
the air gap allows for the nodding of heads and agreeable reports.
No dialogue, please. You want debate? We have only cheerleading here,
to join this club and be one of us, you will have to let me steer.
I possess the answers, you see I’ve deciphered our history,
and I will write our future and you will applaud deferentially.
I won’t argue with you, I know you, and I’ve heard it all before,
my minions tell me that surely my logic you will abhor, and so
I am the Proselytizer, you’ll do well to be Sycophant,
your tiresome queries bounce off the fabric of my rants.
Applaud and bow and idolize what you could never hope to be,
I am the champion of everyman, of everyman but you, you see.

© Tina Zabielski 2011-2019


About theminstrelscitadel

In search of courageous souls who aren't afraid to dig a little deeper and have a conversation about all manner of things. Rant, rave, debate, discuss... let's do it!
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1 Response to The Sycophant and The Proselytizer

  1. Wayne says:

    Seriously, dude… There may be nothing new under the sun…but as long as we are still spinning around it, we might as well engage in some intelligent dialogue.

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