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Mallets Made Of Glass

And what good could it do you to forge your anvil made of iron with your muscles bulging and your sweat blotting patterns in the concrete below your arm? The mallet is made of glass, you fool and so your … Continue reading

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The Sycophant and The Proselytizer

This jar holds no question marks, no queries and no retorts, the air gap allows for the nodding of heads and agreeable reports. No dialogue, please. You want debate? We have only cheerleading here, to join this club and be … Continue reading

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What Could You Possibly Say?

Wings are broken, legs are hobbled and you won’t look. You have your eyes locked upon a slippery shimmering silver lining. They say: Look at the bright side. And you try your best because you’re the optimist. They say: Namaste … Continue reading

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