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Default: Judgement Rendered

Gay Marriage. So, the US Supreme Court denies a couple of appeals and makes a few million dreams come true. Thank you.

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Pride and Governments

I’ve done a lot of thinking over the years about systems of government and I’ve come to one conclusion: they ALL fail to one extent or another. Why do they fail? There’s a myriad of reasons; surely, some are specific … Continue reading

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Plutocracy, get familiar with it. It is not your friend.

Everyone in the world needs to become very familiar with the word “plutocracy”  because that is exactly where every developed country today is headed. And sooner than we think. The biggest obstacle to that trajectory would be for the people … Continue reading

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banned by default

No, they haven’t banned assault weapons. What they actually did away with was common sense. Oh, and Democracy. That went straight down the crapper, too. Now that Walmart is a person and Congress cast votes in the hopes that they … Continue reading

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